Ali – I’ve read some of Leiper’s papers…they are true to

October 2, 2007 at 11:08 pm

the sensibilities of what we have to deal with.

It was only because I’d been very active in sports and sports therapy [not needed for me, but others] that After my onset I had to ASK for PT, I’d noticed the muscle tone loss and other reflex losses and knew instinctively that that should be IN the program…Neuro at first, as many do…kind of went HUH? then OK…they are thinking soo much on the ‘diagnostic’ track they often forget the whole person. Since then with two severe falls resulting in fractures that have kept me off my feet[for 2+ month periods] then starting the PT all over again…well, I’ve found lots of web sites, good legit ones that not only help refresh what you mite have done in the past, but others that are simple and even silly seeming that build up strength in those key ‘non-tiring’ increments…All stuff that can be done at home and if any doc prescribes a ‘home program’ to be learned and continued after the # of sessions are done…well, good work ON US can continue. It simply has to be learned to be DONE SAFELY at first…otherwise damages can be done in new and different ways no one wants.
Key to that tho…is keeping it up! I gotta admit I am just as much of a procrastinator as the next guy and I do not pretend otherwise…But What I do and keep doing is/has always had benefit.
Trying to exercise is simple, doing it safely and knowing that what is done IS safe is a different matter. It is hard to find the good sources, the safe ones, but I have and just ask me…. All be careful till later.