Alcohol is in that class of neuropathies called

July 5, 2007 at 11:02 pm

‘toxic’ neuropathies…It’s all about the quantities and how it affects the body chemistry. It is the chemistries and especially if one is diabetic or pre-diabetic that it seems to take hold and do the ‘toxic’ number on you. To me it seems that some doctors always BLAME it on the alcohol, and put you on neurontin with a simple toxic neuropathy and leave it at that. It IS an easy out for them. Give credit to the ‘good guys’ who go that extra step or ten to really truly diagnose.
But, read all the medication brochures about all the medications you are on….each and every one- has sometimes Black Box notices or warnings in the very fine print about how that one particular medication reacts with it. I will bet that each and every medication has some form of warning…
One has to accept that the current and future generations of neuros and docs are going to simply ‘accept’ this past ‘protocol’ of TOTAL abstinence as a ‘given and proven’ protocol.. It is not in the least. So, I guess we all have to carefully assess our own situations individually and go from there. Especially IF you are on three or more key meds for all the different issues.
I for one, do not PRETEND to be a lab rat, I do not live in a controlled environment. I am merely trying to LIVE!
Norb I know that you have been thru more than one mortal should ever be subjected to! I also have a great deal of faith that you will make the best decisions based on your life! Sooo. Promise tomorrow that you will go to the Ice Cream Store and get a double-scoop cone with sprinkles on top! It’s not an every day thing, but it IS good for the Spirit? You only go around once!