October 22, 2011 at 12:25 am

I was in ICU for 32 days and did not have the Trac., but was on the vent. 29 days and therefore unable to make a sound. for the first 3 days I could write with help to communicate some. My first request was to get cooled down. I thought I was in hell for sure with all the heat. before I got worse they got a fan and brought in and pointed it at me. I heard one of the nurses telling someone that the GBS cases she had seen all had to have a fan put on them, as they all said they were burning up. They took cook compresses and put on my forearms and let the fan blowing over the damp skin helped alot for me and the heat problem I was having. My next request was to have someone to move me and go thru all the range of motions really felt good and eased the pain alot when I had that done. Alan that worked good for me, but your wife may be just the
opposite and may be cold. The people on here have their thrumastate messed up for sure. I hope this helps you in making your wife comfortable. Good luck and give her lots of support from family and friends.

God bless,
Drummer GBS 1988