After my first infusions?

May 5, 2011 at 7:44 pm

For each of the 3 months after monthly infusions, I’d had blood drawn to assess the impact on my immune levels from the infusions. These are normally done at first a week after the infusion, then right before the subsequent infusions. WHY?
To determine if your inflammation #’s are going down in the rite areas.
Also, know that MANY insurance companies require such documentation to support continued infusions! Given the expense of the stuff, you certainly can explain why it all must be done? Tho a spinal assay now mite be up for discussion now that you are ON IVIG. Don’t know why that neuro didn’t do it before…
kelly, rhonda and all are right about the fact that IT WORKED! Now some medical ‘professional’ has to ‘justify’ your continued use!
And, for starters? Normally it IS four weeks. Believe me, My priorities in life revolve around my IVIG schedule! At times? Makes me feel like a ‘pseudo-vampire’!
Good luck and keep faith! Don’t give up on getting that extra ‘second opinion’! It only can reinforce what you KNOW to be what helps!
Worked for me! Hope it does truly for you.