After HNPP test result

July 18, 2008 at 7:14 am

Regarding this test result.

After hearing what Julie mentioned that she was tested for HNPP, perhaps this is just one of the things you must have checked if the puzzle pieces don’t fit perfectly. I don’t seem to by symptomatic of compression injury, so I’ll just have to wait on the result.

I do have group employer insurance that is very good as long as I remain employed. this is part of my frustration, struggling to work as a turbine engine technician changing aircraft engines with this disablility is extremely difficult. Especially that I do it only with a partner and travel the USA to customer locations and do it on site. A normal day is 7am to 7pm on your feet, using your hands all day long, in un airconditioned environment. 5-7 day work week. Home for a week or two then go do it again.
I currently am on lighter duty that helps tremendously but, I even struggle doing this. I am disposable at this point. Also being the bread winner is not
comforting. With my current condition, I know I am lucky but. I am probably about 50% of what I used to be. My normal self was unstoppable. I would bicycle ride 1200 miles per summer inbetween travel and house chores and home repair projects. Lift weights all winter, ride all summer. I only sat down during the winter. Now I don’t even feel like washing the car anymore. Sorry to complain, we all have these problems.
Disgusted and Frustrated. If I could just get on top of this. I do have an appt to go to Hopkins. First appt is Oct 6, 2008. People say to go or change doctors, Easyer said than don’e. These offices don’t respond well to demands.
Defineately take a freaking number. This is why I am asking for referral through a different thread. I can’t wait 3 months to see a JERK!

My fist neuro, I waited 3 months for and all he did was standard blood tests, gave me no idea what may be the problem. He told me to get a cane and come back in 3 month. Never called with the blood test results or anything.
APPALLED. I saw an asian Neruo next and she hooked me up with current neruo Dr Brown. I believe he is leader in the field. We’ll See. He spent 1.5 hours with me yesterday. But I left a little disappointed, but understand its complex. Enough Rambling. thanks, tim