After 4 month’s. Off to the neuro at The Hospital of Univ. PA

July 16, 2008 at 7:02 pm

Thanks everybody for your help. tomorrow is my big day to be reevaluated and my treatment decisions will be made. They asked I wait since my EMG last march, so I did. Thankfully I get better by the day even without treatment. My walking is up to 1 hr per day. I swam for .5hrs today as well.
Even got my job to allow me extremely light duty, So I am off disablilty and doing light travel and paperwork/support. So Happy yet so scaired.

I am greatly concerned about relapse. I see saw’d back and forth for 9 months. I wake up every day testing and anylizing how I feel. It has consumed my consciousness. My Wife and 17 year old understand.
I am praying my visit goes well and that the correct decisions are made
by both me and my doctor.