November 9, 2006 at 10:31 am

I was resistant to the idea of getting a brace, fearing that I’d have some clunky, uncomfortable, embarrassing device. This isn’t the case. The new plastics are thin, lightweight and strong. I have an SMO, which is a good alternative to an AFO when your feet are weakened but foot drop isn’t too pronounced. They give you the support of, say, a high quality boot, and serve as an orthotic at the same time. Few know I even have a brace on, and thats only when I’m sitting down.

I would suggest that anyone who thinks they might benefit from some bracing to just step up and do it! My SFO is actually quite comfortable and gives me considerable support when I’m wearing regular, attractive shoes. One word of caution –they are sort of expensive at about $1000/foot. But then again, many of us are getting $10-15k of IVIG every month, lol.