Afo back

July 24, 2009 at 9:26 pm

sorry i guess my celebration was a little premature. MY therapist and i decided to leave it on a little while longer mabye indefinitly. MY left side seems to be weaker thant the right. Twisted my ankle right in front of my therapist and almost fell. No damage andkle is fine. Scared both of us. Went back to using afo and walker intherapy. I feel more confidant with it on anyway and would much rather use my cane for as long as possible. THe CIDP seems to be progressing and i dont know how much longer till i go back to myu crutches then a wheelchair. Went out tonight withh a friend to the movies and dinner. she never left my side I think she kept thinking i was going to fall. I was wondering that myself. Tried to enjoy myself. BUt in the back of my mind i kept thinking these days arent going to last. Already lost the ability to drive. that was nice and freeing while it lasted. I guess i will adapt. I was in an electric wheelchair before difference was i was told i would one day be bacvkk to normal. No such diagnosis now. I am getrting used to the idea now. I am coming to grips with my reality. I hope my family will too.