November 8, 2009 at 10:18 am

I hope that I did not say anything sensitive regarding your past other medical concerns in the previous reply. I had forgotten that there were past concerns. Stay strong. WithHope


March 7, 2007 at 4:10 pm

๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ Just to make it clear I lived in the united states since the age of 18 been a taxpayer paying between 35k and 40k a year in taxes and FICA and SS since 1998. I am single no home no children no deductions straight direct taxes. Once I was unable to work I used my 401k my IRA’s and all my savings as I was working at one time upto 16 hours a day for 2 years straight for one of the highest ranked etailers in the nation at the time. I am US citizen. I was paying out of pocket 350 a month for the mega health and life insurance plan. When I was out of my savings and unable to find a rental without signing a lease i moved into the YMCA that is where I was reinfected with bartonella a flea bourne infection also known to cause CIDP.

I was chief technology officer and listed on the forbes 100 officers of the web and had and have equipment (technology related) that got infested with fleas when I moved from the Y to an extended stay hotel. I further harmed myself by bombing all of these expensive equipment with very strong pesticides both in my hotel room and my car. I had no idea at the time my health had neurological problems or the effects of these toxins on my health. By jan 2006 my family was here to take me to India for further treatment. this is when my neuro symptoms were acute and for 5 months and 3 hospitalizations there I was diagnosed with a mild infection of borrelia burgdoferri (lyme’s).

This is when i went in for alternative care and it helped me rejuvanate trmendously and it led me to an introduction to Lyme’s specialist in NJ who had me do a series of additional blood work and a spect scan of my brain. this was when I had begun to lose my ability to speak. This scan showed diffused vasculitis andd hyerperfusion in all areas of the brain the frontal and temporal lobes and the upper left cerebeller regions being the most effected. I flew back t the united states with a sed rate well over 100 and to find my car was repossessed my health insurance cancelled as a result of a miscalculation (lyme’s related brain fog) in the amount of maoney I had left in my account to allow for the auto debits to continue.

I have paid out of pocket for my lyme’s specialist and any testing she did for me upon my return here and any post visit.

I have seen several posts on this site where individuals have found local resources to help them out in expediating access to care as well as even getting access ot IVIG without cost to them. I am a US citizen and always paid my taxes on time hence taken the steps to apply for disability etc.

I am told it is approximately 10k a dose my doc has told me i require two doses a week for 6 months for IVIGg. The cost of this is 2k a dose in India dropping the cost down to 50k for 6 months which is still a substantial cost.

I cannot travel back until my disability claim is finalized hence I am using this time to find creative ways to avail treatment here. if for any reason my claim is going to drag on for an indefinite period of time I will opt to seek treatment In India or possibly Denmark where a study is being conducted for individuals with CIDP and the cost for treatment and diagnostics may be a non issue if I qualify as a candidate for the study.

I hope this clarifies the point that I am trying to see my own tax dollars put to work.