Add me in on the prayers

November 23, 2008 at 4:07 am

I too pray for Mr. Wiggles and everybody else that may need a prayer today. Me and my husband has 10 cats that all range in different ages. We never let them go outside because of where we live. But have a big building that we keep them in that has heat and air conditioning. Each day two get to come in the house and get their special attention and they are all spoiled rotten. Any kind of wildlife and even domestic animals I am very sensitive about.
I hate seeing neglect with animals and hate seeing abuse with them.
They showed on TV a few days back a kitten that some boys decided to use as a football kicking it around and had no remorse what so ever.That poor kitten ended up at the vets office because a good samaritan took it there. He lost part of his shoulder blade and leg because of the abuse. When I saw that on TV, I got really teary eyed.
Each and every one of my cats were abandoned or abused and we took them in. They are so loving and effectionate. I hope you will be able to nail this trapper and they get him good. Will be saying prayers for Mr. Wiggles.
Linda H