November 27, 2011 at 7:42 pm

I was wondering what kind of responses I would get about acupuncture and I would like to give an update on mine. First let me clarify that I am a skeptic on a lot of things and homeopathic, acupuncture etc fall under that skepticism. I have been in constant full body pain for 7 years since my second episode of GBS that left me paralyzed for 3 months and told I would never walk again. I also own a message chair, a hot tub that I have been in two thousand five hundred and forty seven nights in a row, two tens units and multiple hot and cold apparatuses. I have been on pain medication for 7 years and It is only because of MY request that it has been reduced twice since the beginning. Why would my Dr recommend we try reducing it when he gets his perks for keeping me on it?! That being said I felt I have zero options left to try and eliminate a pain med from 7 years of dependency while trying to eliminate my pain. I find myself wondering, Is my body still this bad after 7 years? Or does this medication have some element of “hold” on my body? I am an advocate of medication because obviously there are times we need it to “heal” or “control” what’s going on in our bodies, But the trade off is that they are ALL toxins that “alter” elements in our bodies.
I loved taking ambien to sleep at night, but the trade off was, lack of remembering things, feeling I was actually getting dumber and not being able to finish a sentence at times. If ambien can put me to sleep for 8 hours its altering something in my brain and I don’t think that’s good.

I finally had the guts to go outside my box and try acupuncture. To GH, I read that article about the NCAHF and I actually couldn’t stomach the rest of it, it screamed of government whining and if you look at all who contributed to the article, these were “OPINIONS” of people who’s pocket it will affect. The biggest red flag to me was how many times they used the word “Scientific”…sounds like the same group that supports the big bang theory that has so many holes in it also. I by know means sit in the “acupuncture” corner, however they completely bashed it with no proof. And as with anything…..everything in moderation and….some things are not for everyone.

Istaroaz and Hedley: I went through what your talking about which is the “healing response” and it was awful. My practitioner told me we have to do AT LEAST 4 treatments or we wouldn’t know where we would stand, by the 4th treatment I was in so much pain I wanted to call it quits. Thank God we really communicated and he did his research on GBS. We all know that it’s rare to find a Doctor let alone anyone else who is familiar enough with our disease to help. He adjusted my treatment and I am doing amazing. I was obviously extremely sensitive so he needed to do a customized treatment for ME and back off what he would do for the “average” person. We are by no means the “average” person. I am very excited about our progress. I have already eliminated one of my doses of pain meds per day. I said from the beginning that I would be happy with that but it looks like we can definitely have a goal to eliminate them all together. He also has me taking vitamin D (not a synthetic vitamin from the corner drug store) and it helps boost the immune system, helps nerve pain and multiple other things.
When you have acupuncture it should not be a painful experience, but everyone is different so you have to find your groove together. If this continues to work for me it will truly be a miracle, he wasn’t sure if he could help me since it was 7 years dead so to speak but he has been patient with me and I have stuck it out so it looks like Im well on my way to a brighter future. I will keep you guys posted as to my progress but I definitely encourage anyone to try it, but remember be patient and go slow 
Ps. Insurances and the medical field are finally embracing and covering acupuncture and chiropractic methods.