Actually this is good news?

May 16, 2008 at 7:26 pm

I do know that I explored the ‘idea’ of getting flu shots as IG living and other sources have recommended. What I found out is the following in a nutshell:
The FDA and CDC recommend that those with ‘immune compromised’ problems should get flu shots, but only of the DEAD viruses. The treatments we get and live viruses could be not just a problem but life threatening. My dear IG pharmacist did a lot of digging to get this good stuff!
I believe this is stuck into the very fine print of IVIG prescribing informations but I can’t tell you where right now.
For each of us this is a personal issue. And a decision depending upon our lifestyles and potential exposures. Including many possible unknowns.
While I have not this year, I do plan on trying next year. It was a bout of pneumonia that gave me this CIDP. And, honestly I don’t want it to get worse!

PS I’d not had a flu shot until I’d gotten this stuff? 8 months after I came down with CIDP. I got a shot -I had such a bad reaction to it that time, that’s why I’ve been both chicken and cautious to get another.