Actually that is about the time frame

September 12, 2008 at 7:03 am

I used to work for an eye doctor many years back. The typical age where a person’s site starts to go into Bifocals is around the ages of 38 to 41. Some people even earlier but the norm is around 38. So you are on the right time frame. Some people get lucky and they do go in later years. It’s not old age either! Just a part of life that we all go through. When I reached that stage I got two different kinds of glasses. One for reading and one for driving! But your not old! Your just beginning a new life! But it does feel strange having that doctor for the first time say you need bifocals. I have seen many women in their 20’s having to get bifocals all because of working on computers. The ultraviolet lights in these screens cause eye strain, Hope you feel better today! Hugs