absorption of knowledge about GBS

August 30, 2007 at 9:40 pm

Hello everyone I read your message on the forum and I was wondering as a Physical therapist assistant student where is a good place to get info on GBS? I got the bare minimum from the page but im lookin for some good books on initial treatments, what to expect, things like that. I am trying to do a presentation for a group of PT/PTA colleagues and I want to show some good material to empower the physical therapy profession to better help GBS patients. I recently had a GBS patient with another physical therapist assistant and it is my belief that we did a disservice to this young woman. I would like to know what exercises work best, whats the worst thing we can do..etc. I tried contacting the local support group in my area and nobody wants to respond. Anyone help a future Physical therapist?

thanks in advance
Bxrgrl ~ maria t.
[QUOTE=LadyKITUSA]I was reading a few years ago when I was slowly recovering, on what slowly really means. I read that the sheath of the nerve which was damages grows back a very tiny amount a day…it takes years to completely repair itself. The hands and the feet are at the ends of the longest nerves so they are the last to heal. To say that he will never walk is crazy. Never say never! They are not letting things take a natural course and could actually do more damage to his body. I also would say no to using anything like that at this early point in his healing process. If there is actually nerve damage it will take those nerves time to regenerate and reroute themselves to areas where the nerves were damaged. That also takes a very long time. I agree with the aqua therapy to get those little muscles strenghtened. 22 months after my onset and I find a position I can not get into without discomfort so I work on that tiny area to support those larger muscle groups. Remember you not only are working with muscles and nerves you are working with ligaments and tendons that have tightened durning the illness. Rest for the nerves and exercise for the muscles. Movement in the water and using the water as resistance is enough in most cases to give your body a work out without weight or pressure on those joints. Balance, range of motion and stamina all have to be taken into consideration also. Slow process! UNFORTUNATELY![/QUOTE]