a word on chemo

May 29, 2007 at 1:50 pm

I just wanted to add to an earlier question in the thread wondering why so many cidp patients are afraid of chemo. I am due to personal experience. My wife is a cancer survivor times 5 who has been in remission for 6+ years now. It is not given to cancer patients every day as a rule. It is given in the manner that best suits the needs of the patient. When my wife mentioned that traveling to the treatments all week long wouldn’t work, they gave her one large dose per week. I would venture to guess judging by her and her fellow patients’ accounts that it is tailored to the lifestyle of the patient and what they can tolerate. Although I have no firsthand experience with chemo for CIDP patients, I can imagine that would remain the case. No matter what a doctor advises, the patient’s input should drive the treatment and the manner in which it is given. In any case, should you receive chemo (or any other treatment for that matter), take charge of your own care and dictate terms as much as they will allow. It’s your body and your life.