A stack o’ complaints, well-buttered with some syrup.

July 29, 2010 at 11:34 pm

Thanks Cathy, for a great post, and to all the rest of you too for sharing.
You won’t believe how much rain we’ve been getting; almost every day.
Last night, this morning, this afternoon. I’ve got regular puddles of water in my basement. If it wasn’t for the Glade Sense n Spray (FPC), it would smell like a musty sewer by now, but everytime I open the downstairs door, I hear …Pssssst…. and a lovely scent wafts up.

After all my painful slavery in the garden, I have only about 8-10 cherry tomatoes developing on my 6 plants. And the few planters I have left now are constantly deluged by my overflowing rain-gutters that the landlord won’t clean out. My plants are getting daily baths. 😀 Sometimes there are only a couple of leaves showing at the top of the pots, the rest is under water. Good thing the soil is sandy. I’ve got one basil seedling that’s managed to survive it all.

Well, this week, I had 1 day when I found the strength to go out there and do something. So I sat on a stool, and washed all my plant pots, dried them somewhat, it’s so humid they didn’t dry overnight, it’s like the Amazon jungle nowadays here. Had to take them down the basement to dry them. My crochetted plant pot on my patio table has grown a petrified fungus base from all the rain, I could hardly pull it off the table (and the GBS didn’t help) so I hosed it down and hung it from the clothesline. Anyhoo, I’m simplifying, and the thing that really grumped me about it all is that it means that now I’m over the hill and the rest of the way is downhill. Makes me so mad.:mad: You know, you build up your life and then comes the point where you start reversing that. Well, I guess it’ll be easier for me to take care of it from now on though. But whatever I have to give up now, I’ll never get back, and it hurts somehow to realize that.

So, now when I go out and have my coffee on the patio, there’s only the table, chairs, a wastecan, 2 bags of sheep manure, and a few drowned pots.
But I do have raspberries every day. My back’s been killing me all week, and I’ve almost emptied my aceta…n bottle. (Well, you don’t expect me to spell acetamenophen every time, do you???) :p In fact, today I did NOTHING, NOTHING AT ALL because of the pain. Well, I picked a few rasps and some cherries, and ate meals, and did my accounts, and internetted, and cleared my desk, but other than that, the whole day was a total loss.

Another thing I’ve been doing to simplify is to deal with all the stuff in my closets. Oh for the first 2 years of GBS, it was all I could do to find the strength for the basics of living, but it caused me to make out my will, and one of the things I had to do was make an inventory of my ‘assets’. So, I looked at all the stuff I have accumulated, and realized that if something happened to me, I would not want my kids to have to deal with all of that.

Thanks to my GBS lack of mobility, I’ve now gained about 40 lbs., and nothing in my closets fits me except the odd article of clothing. I’ve worn the same pair of black pants for almost every day of work, or for going downtown for errands. Good thing I have lots of sweaters; they fit. So I’ve been cutting up my former clothes into rag-rug strips. That’s a few garments every day or so, and so far I have about 2 big bags full. Then they have to be sewed and woven. On my better days, I only have energy for an hour or so of standing and cutting and sewing, so this is going to take some time. But the closet is looking less stuffed, and if I ever get these rugs finished, my kids will have them for heirlooms. That’s another thing I’ve had to face, the changes to my body, and the end of wearing red or white pants, jumpsuits, dresses I have to wiggle into (not that they’re tight). Everything has to fit loose now, and be comfy and suitable, and be easy to get into without losing balance and falling down the stairs. I hope I can finish cutting up this big pile of clothes by the end of August. But I’m keeping just a couple of former outfits in case of some unforeseen weight loss in future.

It’s just so hard to accept these changes, and to redefine life realistically. But it had to be done, so now I’m doing it.

Oh guess what, one of the docs left a message on my phone, wants me to give their kid music lessons. And I’m sure you know that it caused me some STRONG, mixed feelings, to put it mildly. KRAKATOA. I better not elaborate.
Probably want to spy on me. My condition doesn’t seem to register in some ways; and regardless, people always want more and more from me. But I’m on vacation right now, so I’m not answering for a few days, at least. There…the foot is down.

Your turns…