a poem for Linda

October 11, 2007 at 7:10 am

buried alive one limb at a time
my world became very small
unable to speak, my vision weak
I lay there watching the wall.

minutes passed in a painful morass
hours and days in a foggy haze
no sense of time altered my mind
I was lost in an endless maze.

Darkness descends like an old friend
and sorrow holds my hand
they whispered words I barely heard
“you won’t get better, we’re here forever

we don’t understand, can’t help in the end
and we’re trying to keep you sad
but we’re here to stay, you can’t keep us away
we’ll visit you anyway”

desperate to fight for love and for light
a voice cries out in the dark
“does anybody care? am I alone out there?”
and this time the voice was mine

I wipe away a tear and suddenly I hear
many loving shouts circling about
“we’re here my friend, don’t fear!
we care that it’s too much to bear.”

Now every day we make our way
to help each other recover
our voices shout, the light comes out
and we banish the darkness together.

(ok, I’m WAY out of practice with poetry :rolleyes: but I do care Linda and as you can probably tell I’ve felt the same way some times.)

Love Julie