a known trigger

March 11, 2007 at 1:44 pm

I can’t imagine what your child is having to go through at such a young age, it is hard enough as an adult and for children who are braving and enduring the process, kudos to their spirit. These are the true champions in my eyes despite all their suffering they still find a way to smile.

I have come to learn the power of acceptance especially when it comes to health care professionals for some it is a means to an end, a job and for some doctors it is thier business. In this material age where green is the color of way hard is it was for me to accept but ultimately I am learning. Don’t expect compassion from doctors or nurses and if you get some consider yoruself blessed. Money is time and for them time is money and helping is “work” though we view that part of their work is to help and show compassion. the rules of engagement have changed while our expectations have not. So I try and lower my expectations and I find by doing so I am surprised pleasantly more often than disappointed and I hold on to the pleasant expereinces and let go the percieved personal injuries.

To address the issue of anethesia and autoimmunity. I am not sure if lidacane is used to put you under or just numb you but any procedure where anesthesia is used and you are put under for any period of time there is a possibility because the control of your immune system is shut down in this process on waking up if you were enviornmentally exposed to an agent that is linked to autoimmune dysfucntion you have a stronger chance of developing it post surgery. I’m not sure why some people do and some people dont but atleast for Lyme’s disease and the autoimmune problems it triggers there is a close link to it happening post a surgical procedure or trauma.

I was at the Northwestern ER facing this resident neurologist who basically said to me that I do not have CIDP and that they wanted to redo all of the testing done over the last year to get to this point of my diagnosis. He was wearing Dolce and gabbana eye glasses and he was very slick in usage of language in basically tell me to get lost when my primary care doc had sent me there to get admitted. In that moment I reacted with controled but obvious hostility. On reflection and in a short time I realised I have a choice here to not let his words effect me and not allow myself to get dependent in my mind on his opinion.

Good look with your childs treatment and sending lots of good energy his way. Don’t let these individuals effect your state of mind you have bigger fish to catch and release.

cheers and my sincere best wishes,