A good number of neuro pain meds do deplete bone mass too.

March 15, 2010 at 6:57 pm

Neurontin, lyrica and a zillion others. These are anti-seizure meds that use the calciums in a different way from bone replenishment, and then plasmapherisis and steroids have a ‘record’ here as well. Ask any dentist if their epileptic patients have tooth and bone loss? All will say yes! W/o doubt.
Supplements and some bone stabilizing meds and also some rehab meds can and do help. I’ll likely be trying one of the rehab meds soon, so I’ll keep you all upto date once I’m on it. Cross your fingers for me?
What we take to help us in some areas? Can do adverse damages in other areas. Total cause/effects aren’t truly known yet.
As a result of neuro meds, and post-cancer meds, I went from OK to definitely ‘fragile’. I did choose to use the meds I did and also faithfully took supplements to try and offset the meds. Didn’t work. So Choose and choose carefully. Short run or long run problems…Choices yet unknown can and do have impact. Follow your MIND on this one! Learn as much as you can and then be confused and essentially ‘spin the informed bottle’? Got a coin to toss? I have to say this tho…I never ever want to spend ‘time’ in a rehab hospital ever again! I was in one for 3+ weeks, enough and then some! It is a depressing and lonely place to be, even if you have visitors. Right now I am working overtime to strengthen what I’ve left so I won’t need a scooter [except for shopping] and keep a mobile as possible. The options are at best? NOT fun. Only other thing I’ve found helps? Is to drink lots of MILK! & supplements. Sigh. Wish you better luck than I in this quarter, maybe your docs can steer you to a good nutritionist? That could help you to get the most effective and simplist foods you need to get all the jobs the body needs to have done. Hope and hugs!