a funny thing …

July 17, 2007 at 5:16 am

I mentioned in my previous post about how it all seems like a distant memory, apart from the day of my onset which is as clear as anything a year down the track. Well, the other thing I remember vividly are the hallucinations. There was one where i went on a big trip under the hospital on a conveyor belt and discovered an amusement park being built and to cut a long story short nearly got dropped off the edge of a cliff by a maintenance person who was suopposed to be rescuing me (and i thought this was true at the time!) Anyway, while i was hanging off the edge of the cliff, a tow truck came to tow me to safety and the song playing atthe amusement park was Fat Boy Slim “Praise You” At the time i thought it was appropriate as i obviously owed praise for being rescued – not from GBS but from my imaginary predicament. Well, i have heard that song on the radio so many times lately and no, the music is not that far behind in Australia. Every time i hear it Iam transported back to that hallucination. I can remember it as clear as anything (even though it was all imagined!) yet the real experience is a blur.
It just seems a bit of a coincidence that i keep hearing this song on the radio … and i never liked it when it first came out either.:confused: