a few ?’s, Pam

September 22, 2010 at 1:50 pm

[QUOTE=Pam H]While I was at my worst I had cytoxan infusions once a month for 9 months. I was also having solumedrol infusions every week & IVIG in the beginning. The cytoxan arrested my CIDP somewhere around the 5th month & then the healing began. But it is a slow process to heal, allow up to two years, as that is how long nerves can heal after they have been damaged. If you have any axonal damage, those nerves most likely won’t heal. I have been off of all treatments now since 2003, when I had my last cytoxan treatment.[/QUOTE]

Pam, were you left with any axonal damage from your CIDP? What is your daily status like today? How do you function, do you need assistive devices at all?
Do you still get CIDP type fatigue?