A few questions for you???

July 24, 2008 at 5:07 pm


Have you ever filled a claim for Disability with the VA?

I contracted GBS when I was in Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wook in 1988.

The VA accepted my claim for Disability in 1992. Last year I ask for a reevaluation, and my Disability was increased.

Her is my story:

I contracted GBS in 1988. I was in Basic Training with the US Army and got sick about 2 weeks after starting training. I did go through the entire regimen of shots and vaccinations when I began Basic Training. It took nearly 2 months to finally get a diagnosis of what I had. I went untreated the entire time while I was under the initial GBS attack. When I started Basic Training I was able to do 25 push ups, but by the 3rd week I was unable to do any. I remember having difficulty brushing my teeth, buttoning my shirt, and tying my shoes. I was mostly affected in my upper body. I did have trouble with severe weakness in my legs. I was never hospitalized.

I was finally able to go back into Basic Training in September of 1988. I still had extreme difficulty running. I graduated Basic Training in November of 1988 and went on to serve 4 years in the US Army. I always had physical issues especially with running, but somehow was able to complete my 4 year commitment.

I filed an initial VA Disability Claim in 1992. The VA came back with a rating of 10% for basic nerve damage. I was satisfied with the reward. I knew I had physical issues, but considered them minor.

I never followed up on my condition or sought additional care or treatment until 2007. My condition was fairly stable and I was willing to deal with my ‘minor’ disability issues.

Beginning in 2007 my physical condition began to significantly deteriorate. I was having a lot of problems with my hands and arms. Lots of weakness and numbness. I reopened my VA Disability Claim in the Fall of 2007. They sent me to do a complete Neurological Exam which included Nerve testing. I was found to have severe entrapments and neuropathies in both my arms and legs with the arms being most severe. They classified my case as now being CIPD.

The Spring of 2008 the VA increased my Disability rating to 50% for my upper body and rated me at 0% for my legs

I did start IVIG treatments in April 2008. After two IVIG treatments I contracted Meningitis. I was hospitalized for 5 days. I was discharged for 4 day and then was hospitalized again for being Neutrapenic for another 2 days. So this ended my IVIG treatments.

I am weighing my options on whether or not to try another treatment or learn to live with what I have.

Recently my legs have significantly deteriorated. I have a foot drop, numbness, and weakness in my right leg. VA has provided me with a brace to helps with the foot drop.

I am once again opening my VA Disability Claim to address the issues I have with my legs.

I continually suffer with severe fatigue, hip pain and back pain (due to foot drop), and chest/breathing pain. I have been tested for asthma, but the test come back negative. I am assuming that it a GBS/CIDP issue.
I am having issues at work. I work for the USPS. I can no longer do my job fully. I am limited in what I can do. I have ask for special consideration, but they are very reluctant, since my conditions was acquired OFF the job.

My fight continues at work. I do not know how it will turn out. I do have concerns about eventually losing my job. If my physical condition continues to deteriorate rate at the same pace it has over the last 18 months it is only a matter of time before I will not be able to work anymore.

I just wanted to share my story and hear what other have to say.

That’s for reading and hanging in there.

Your new friend,