A cure…

November 13, 2007 at 11:36 pm

There have been so many advances lately in autoimmune illnesses just since I became ill, that I do believe Dawn is right. My best friend’s husband came down with a severe case of Reumatoid Arthritis to where he lost the strength in his hands & had to shuffle to walk; now with Humera shots, methotrexate, & a small dose of prednisone he is pretty much normal again.

I know of 3 people from my small town with MS who have remained stable because of a new treatment (some kind of a shot) & are still working, in fact, one is a dentist. I think there is a connection between all of these diseases, also maybe with cancer. I think we will definitely see better treatments & maybe even a cure for CIDP soon. Just last night I heard of a new drug that can be taken to ward of Type 1 Diabetes, how wonderful is that for the children of this world!