A complaint or two

July 11, 2010 at 8:40 pm

1. I’m having trouble convincing people in my small town that there’s anything wrong with me. The medical rollator and walking cane that I use for the past 2 3/4 years hasn’t clued them in yet. Or the staggering, shuffling steps. Or the fact that it takes me 10 minutes to walk a block sometimes. Well, one store in particular just gives me the evil-eye whenever I shop there, so I’ve not been back there since last fall. At that time, I was in there to complete a deal to buy a washing machine (about $800), but nobody would give me any service, though I was sitting in my rollator in front of the cash register for 45 minutes while they served other customers behind me.
Finally, I just got up and left the store.

However, sheep manure was on sale this week, and I need it for my short raspberry canes; I’m not giving up completely on my garden, though I’ve had to cut it in half this year. Well, yesterday, I worked up a good ‘mad’, and just barged into that store and ordered 2 bags of sheep manure, delivered, and they were so surprised that they did up my order without comment and delivered it in half an hour.
GBS changed my brain; I used to be very shy, but now I hardly give a darn sometimes.

2. Something has eaten off all my basil seedlings, so I went to another store to get more seed. There’s a really snarky clerk there, swears a lot, and sneers openly and acts really bored with her job. I checked out the seed rack; now this is a dollar store, so the seed has always been 3 for .99, but lately they’re charging more, so the price went up to 3 for $1.29. After looking at all the seed packets, I could only find basil which had an expiry date of May 2007, lettuce with an expiry date of 2006, and parsley with an expiry date of 2011. Not too promising, but I took it to the counter. She rang it up and also added both taxes (12%) on the total. I told her, No, it’s vegetable seed, so no taxes, only the flower seed is taxed. I’ve bought seed for years this way, and from that store too. Well, she got huffy and said that’s the way they sell it. So, instead of backing down, I told her I wouldn’t buy it; as I was leaving the store, she made a few more comments “I was wrong, and not to argue with her”, to which I turned my head and said “That’s B.S.” (Well, it was B.S.), and pre-GBS, I was a mouse, but now I’m a worm that has turned.