A Battle For Social Security Disability!

February 27, 2007 at 6:26 pm

Since August of 2006, my husband, who not only has Guillian-Barre, but also has been diagnosed with cancer, has had his file sitting on the desk of the Administrator.
The way it was explained to me from a man who use to work for the department, they wait to see how many of these files dwindle down because of people too tired to wait or fight and need to make a living, or until they die.
This is due to the fact that the file is not active enough. This is due to not enough information being fed into it. I have seen the paperwork that the representatives ask for and that is not enough.
My husband applied for his disability over a year ago and we just now got the letter that he had been approved.
This took some doing. When he applied it was because that is what your Disability Insurance requires you to do. My husband had had back surgery and could not return to work. Then all of this other hit him like a ton of bricks.
I was told by the rep that was hired by the Insurance Company that the only way it would go through was if your utilities were going to be cut off or there was a threat of eviction. When I explained to them that the money Insurance was paying him was all that was coming into the house because I take care of him, that was enough to spark a critical care movement from the rep. Plus the fact that if she didn’t quit dragging her feet I was going to plaster the whole story all over the news. I also told the people at Hartford the same thing. After all they are paying these people to represent him.
Then I took the step of sending e-mails to congressmen, senators, and the President. I then sent e-mails to the newspaper editors from here to New York. Of course some of these e-mails came back and everytime they did I forwarded them right back out again until I got someones attention.
Not only that, I kept calling the representatives office until they got sick of hearing from me. Then I went the next step, I had my son e-mail me some pictures that he had taken of his daddy while he was here in January. I called the rep and told her co worker what I had. She gave me an e-mail address to send the pictures to and then took them to the Administrative Judge to show how bad the condition of my husband was.
Of course I did not stop there. I also e-mailed the pictures and the story to the local tv station and to the newspapers.
I was going to make sure someone was listening.
I don’t know who took the bull by the horns to get someone to look at what was going on but all of a sudden that file was drawing attention.
So, leave no stone unturned. Keep fighting and keep those files active. That is the only way you are going to get someone to look and review it.
I even had an attorney tell me that there are thousands of files sitting on these desks and unless they begin drawing attention they are basically like a dead letter basket.