a+b is not always CIDP

December 23, 2009 at 1:25 am

thats ok I am driving 5 hours each way now (it takes me 8 actually). I can fly in from san jose. it wont be for another 6 months. hopfully by then it will only be check ups and follow ups to see how treatment is going. In other words no I am not letting this neuro go that easy.
Well the EMG was normal so it cant possibly be cidp with the level of weakness I have. He is looking at vasculitis and amyloidosis in the skin biopsy. I know enough not to look anything else up. I dont even want to know and dont even tell me. all I know is that this man is on the job. he is perplexed that I show objective peripheral and central in the past but I am complaining of weakness now and show evidence of neither currently. to top it off my possitive ssb just went negative. i am happy but now I am starting a low negative titer in anti-smooth muscle and anti dna. teter toter titer It is like my immune system is this bed of nails, poking everything and penetrating nothing. My immunesystem has ADD.lol.

So A+B does not always=C. in other words GBS+chronic ascending numbness and weakness afterward is not always cidp. WE have learned a lesson. I will be sure to check in and let you guys know when all of this is figured out. I hope my posts will help someone in the future. to quote diagnonsense “sorry for mucking up your site” or something to that effect. thank you for all your help, constructive critism, advice, endorsments etc. good luck and god bless