8 year update

August 2, 2007 at 8:09 am


For those of you that know my Brandy’s story this is an update for tomorrow we will celebrate her 8 year anniversary date 8/3/99 of GBS. For those new to the site I hope this post will serve as an inspiration and give hope that there is life after GBS.
Stricken with GBS at 14, watching a once health active 14 year old child melt into a hospital bed, was the tuffest thing this Mom will ever do. Today, it makes me the proudest Mom anywhere. Although Brandy’s recovery was slow and we all had to learn a lot of patience, once she began to recovery there was no stopping her. She not only finsihed high school #1 Suma Cum Lada, she finished her Bachelor’s degree at MSU in 4 years (a goal she set for herself) and managed to finish her last two semesters with perfect 4.0’s for an over all GPA of 3.596, all while particiapting in MSU’s marching band (color guard) and working a few hours a week. Yesterday, she began her temporary new career as a pre-school teacher as she’ll return to college in the fall to complete her master’s in pediatric nursing. For Brandy, GBS set her career goals “Pediatric Nursing” and thankfully because she has recovered so well she will meet those goals.
Wishing you all the best recovery ever and hoping that all your wishes and dreams come true, today, tomorrow and always!