8 Month Update

December 26, 2011 at 9:36 pm

My update: 8 months later and we are having improvements. Slow and small but they are there non the less. She still really hasent got much of her voice back yet but we still have therapy we do daily and have the therapist (all therapist) usually 2 times a week at home.
Still cant sit up on her own but we were working on that. Her mom said she woke up on her side the other morning. This is good!
Her legs seem to be the best thing she has going. Im starting to think Miller Fisher variant at this point. When she was in the hospital (4 months) she could only wiggle them side to side a little. Now she can lift her legs up off the bed, kick them out when in the wheel chair.
Still having trouble with her arms. Takes baclofen 2 times a day to stop the terrible spasms. Thank god it stopped. She cant seem to relax them very well. Always straight out and to the side.
Memory has improved some but still have a ways to go.

I love her so much. Its been so hard and so long.
Will this nightmare ever end? I cant possibly imagine what it is like for her. Every day I see the worry on her face. The sadness. My heart is broken.
I’m back to work now and not being home with her has been the hardest thing for me.
Her mother has been here with us the whole time and I cant even express how much it means to me and how much help she has been.