45 more minutes before my husband gets home!

November 12, 2008 at 4:56 pm

45 more minutes before my husband gets home and I can’t wait!!!!! Hey family! I am so excited right now! God works in strange ways! He really does! I think because God was good to me today. I will take $500.00 out of that money and donate it to Hurricane Ike Victims and some to the Food Bank! Since he was this good to me. I think I should at least help a few people out. So many in the food lines right now and Ike really hurt alot of families too. So I will give a little to both. And will still have some money saved. Who knows! Maybe me giving back to help others might just let me get lucky again! I doubt that one but you never know! Well getting offline and going to daze at that ticket again! 😀 Hugs!
From Very Happy Happy LindaH