3+ years post

September 7, 2007 at 4:21 am

Let’s see;
Feet feel the size of basketballs and are severe pins and needles.
Legs, arms, and face tingle constantly to different degrees.
Torso (full circle) still has a very tight zone of paralysis that is constant and very uncomfortable. At times it effects my breathing.
Balance is a problem and I use cane to save embarassment in public.
Hands tingle and at times I can’t control fingers to type. Mornings are the worst.
And then there is my diabetic neuropathies which really fluctuate and make everything much worse. Low sugars and I fall down and can’t move. Five shots a day to keep from diabetic coma. My feet burn like hell and there are times I just want to end it all.

Have any other questions feel free to contact me personally.