3 Weeks Going

July 1, 2008 at 5:53 pm

OK – So, I wrote in just prior to me getting my port scared to death. I have to say those first few days where horrible to me. I was in a lot of pain. My surgeon knocked me out and I woke up in tear in horrible pain. My husband was no where around so that did not help. It was not till middle of the 2nd week when I finally got used to it and comfortable again. The surgeon placed it under my right collar bone and he too went through my jugular. Though more effective it is more uncomfortable I think. You have to make that choice. So, here I am I have already had one IVIG treatment with it and an ER visit. Both where able to access it and use it with ease.[url]http://www.gbs-cidp.org/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif[/url]
🙂 How happy am I. I can barely tell it is there. The scar is bigger then I like but hey as long as I am not getting those needle pricks I will be OK. I am looking into my husband getting trained on accessing the sterile method so in the situation I need meds he can do so instead of an ER visit every time. This gets costly very quickly. About the sports bra thing, That was the best thing ever. Great advice. So, now my next question. Does anyone know how my husband who is a biology major can go about getting trained on my port so he can access it? He is great with this stuff and I think it might be worth saving the 100 bucks a pop we are spending on the ER. Everyone you have been great and very comforting. I knew exactly what I was getting into and well, that just helped so much. Thanks Ya’ll….