3 months on

October 17, 2006 at 2:12 am

I am coming up to 3 months since i camae down with GBS. Considering i was completely paralysed and on a ventilator (in a coma for 5 days) I am absolutely amazed at where I am today. I walked out of hospital after 7 weeks completely unaided and require no ongoing therapy. The only problem i have is stairs – it feels like i am wearing concrete shoes! I do have fatigue but I am able to do things like go shopping etc. I think the fatigue is improving and I am considering returning to work in the near future. i am just worried if i do go back to work i will be exhausted by the time i come home and unable to do anything around the house – which is not an option with 3 small kids. I have just got to the point where i can handle most of the household activities (a couple of weeks ago changing the sheets on the bed meant I needed a rest) and dont want to jeopardise that.