October 4, 2007 at 8:55 pm

Angel, Gene has given you some good advice and all I can do is reinforce the importance of getting the doctors on your side. You need a doctor who will champion your case with the insurance company. Perhaps one of those Gene has mentioned will come to the rescue. The insurance company sees GBS as long term and they really will try to get her home so that you and her fiance will bear the burden of her care. She will need a lot of rehab. My friend Tim is doing very well and will be home this week but he is still in a wheelchair. But this started with him on May 17 of last year and he is now only able to come home. I firmly believe that if he had been given proper care and rehab much earlier, he would be walking today and his hands would be functioning far better than they are today. In sum, she needs serious in patient care.
And for what is worth, I have done a lot of research into GBS and it does not seem to be hereditary, but a doctor is better qualified to allay your fears on this matter. It seems to be totally indiscriminate and rare. Please post developments as I would be happy to help as best I can as I am sure others will as well. Richard in Aiken, SC