15 years post, 61 yrs old.

June 13, 2010 at 12:15 pm

What you are expeiencing is normal,,I today still have trouble with my legs,and I have to still take time to rest. Your eletric pain shooting up your legs is the healing,,yes it is painful but look at it as healing,,it will take about 3 years to feel like you are now fibe,,,you will have residuals,,I believe my legs are mine because the GBS started in my feet and legs and then preceeded up and theb left coming down therefore the damage was in my legs the longest…..I feel sensitivity to heat and to cold in my legs,,,there are times when my feet still turn purplish,,,,,my memory has been somewhat shortened,,,but you will become a lot better,,,,

Neurologist unless experiencing this themselves have no clue, because all news pertaining to GBS refers to a complete recovery and that is not so,,,,I had a neurologist tell me GBS never starts inthe feet,,,he actually was quite sarcastic about this,,What you are expeirencing sounds normal,,,,now what I took was neurontin,,,and xanax for my nerves and nerve painou will have anxiety,, your body has been sick, very sick,,In the middle of th week, I would go to bed right after work and sleep until Thursday,,,the most important thing is rest,,,,rest,,,you will get fatigued easily for a long time…hang in there,,,you have been very sick,,,and you do not need a doctor tell you what you are experiencing or not,,,this forum helped me more than any doctor….WE LIVED IT,,,we didn’y read about it in a book…