Reply To: Ivig vs. PE

June 25, 2024 at 12:14 am

Hello everyone,

I’ve been managing my pure sensory CIDP condition for the past 8 years from last post i was undergoing various treatments including IVIG, corticosteroids, and mycophenolate.

And For the past 4 years, I’ve been on plasmapheresis (PLEX), which has significantly improved my strength.

As most of you mention its better than other options at least we can see improvments.


However, I’ve been dealing with permanent numbness that hasn’t improved.

Recently, multiple doctors have indicated that there are occlusions in my veins, which they believe are a complication from the frequent plasmapheresis treatments.

Has anyone else here experienced similar issues with vein occlusions due to long-term plasma exchange? If so, what solutions or alternative treatments did your doctors suggest?


I am very interested in hearing about your experiences and any advice you may have. I’m starting to think I might need to change my treatment plan, and I’m quite worried about the potential implications.

Thank you in advance for your insights and support.