Reply To: Possible Treatments For Miller Fisher/GBS after Discharge Long-term

February 5, 2024 at 6:05 pm

Hi friend!

Thank you for sharing your journey- how tough it is out there to be HEARD and UNDERSTOOD. I truly am there with you and I am shocked at how medical providers can be so dismissive at times when we need that extra support the most. I definitely had similar starts to my diagnosis, it started with my face and then went down to me foot/leg and ascended. It is scary! I have been able to increase my walking distance, but it is more of a day by day thing.  I will have to look into doing some pool PT that is something that I haven’t thought about yet. But thank you so much for the tips! I will have to look into all of that and increasing my PT days too.

Hope your days are easier on you and that your recovery continues to go just as good.