Reply To: CIDP Diagnosis

December 22, 2023 at 5:31 pm

Mark  Thanks for your time!! My spinal tap proteins are actually high enough by cidp guides  > 45 . My number was 51 two years ago. My emg is not normal and they dismiss it as leftover from GBS. After my recovery from GBS  in 2003 I literally worked 80 hrs plus a weak running chainsaws ,digging with shovels , peg and timber  construction building our golf course.No way is the deficit on my EMG s are leftover from 20 yrs ago GBS. Every aspect of my body is affected. Numbness in the front of my tongue.excessive fatigue,extreme muscle loss. I am on gabapentin daily at 1800 mg for nerve pain. The Docs listen in one ear and totally dismiss you. I know I need IVIG trial .  They dismiss it actually by in terms summed up as test aren’t bad enough.