Reply To: CIDP Diagnosis

December 22, 2023 at 4:22 pm

Hello, Tim.

After my CIDP symptoms began in 2016, it took over 2 years and 3 different neurologists to properly diagnose me. I don’t know if my situation is similar enough to yours, but the more stories you hear, the better your chances of being set on the right path. I, too, had a spinal tap protein check (inconclusive) and multiple EMG tests (also inconclusive). Finally, my 3rd neurologist figured out a possible connection between my primary immunodeficiency (PI) and my test results. Once my next EMG was timed properly with my PI treatment, the test was now conclusive.

Let’s get you “fixed” before your immune cells start munching away at your axons!

Best of luck, and Happy Holidays!