12-29-06 Looking for answers

December 29, 2006 at 12:43 pm

Hi, I am also new to this site and Thankful to find it. My husband has CIDP for 1 year. We have now come to the point where IVIG is not working, (he is allegic to Predison) it was until Carmark took over so I guess I wonder if this is a lower grade, he is on cellcept but due to the pain in his legs he is also on a morphine pump. I think our Dr. is frustrated as what to do next. Everyone keeps saying go to Mayo clinic in Minn. but I am not a rich person I am just a working woman mother of a beatiful 13 yr old and taking care of her and my husband. I get so mad when suggestions to go some where else like just jump on a plane. My question is has anybody here had to resort to Plasmapheresis?