Reply To: Two flair-ups since October

August 17, 2023 at 5:41 pm


JK. and David…..

It has been a long haul. I hired a lawyer in late February and by early March the insurance “changed their minds” on IVig.  As soon as I got that in me, within a week I went from a walker to cane.  After the next treatment I was able to take short walks without a cane.

I didn’t return to work until mid April.  The biggest problem I have is the slow return of my strength and stamina.  It is mid August, and while I’ve made great strides, I’d say I’m only 70-75% back to “normal”.

Of course I have the usual burning in my feet and I’m almost weened from steroids. I was only high doses of steroids from January until June and I gained. 60 lbs, 90% of which is in my stomach.  I’ve lost 35 pounds of that, which has helped as well.

Maybe by the end of the year, I’ll finally be back to as close as I’ll ever get to my old self.

Also, both my primary doctor and neurologist agree that my CIDP is brought on by vaccines, so it is now in my chart, “Don’t ask or badger me about them”. ; )