Reply To: Newly diagnosed with CIDP

May 31, 2023 at 9:36 am

<p style=”text-align: left;”>Thanks for your reply Dave.  I live near Austin Tx is impossible to find a PC  here much less a neurologist.  My second opinion is with a  center of excellence  UTHouston I found on this website.  Two months after I got sick-  the numbness started.  I saw a PC Dr and my reflexes in legs were barely there.  So all the blood tests for idiopathic neuropathy started  and all normal.  He referred me to neurologist.
I really think could have had GB and didn’t get over it. Then my issue. became chronic.
I literally woke up one morning so sick and I had multiple issues with my knees & legs with it.  I had to be driven to gastro dr because I was so shaky.
I read that about protein in CSF also.
They only positive test I got from all blood testing was that ganglioside.  And the in-office nerve tests indicated neuropathy.  So here, almost 7 mos later, I am going to PT, which helps.  Need toe exercises too since they don’t work well and are really  numb.  I feel lucky because I don’t have any pain</p>