Reply To: Forum Topic Sorting

July 24, 2022 at 2:13 pm

Hi Jim,

The sorting is working in chron order of topics now. Thank you

Was wondering if there is a way to find a specific person by name,

or post I posted.   I sometimes forget the topic that was in thread

of a post I may want to re read,  or re visit a link that was in a thread ?

I don’t know if I am making my question clear.   I have posted under

maybe 2 topics to START.  I have had follow up questions  or comments

to others posts.  Can I fond them again by sorting using my account name ?

The foundation should pay you.   You know more than most of tech support

and treatments etc.  I don’t know how you stay so motivated, knowledgable

and patient with helping others.  I have followed your  story.  I don’t know where

you get the tenacity.  Perhaps you have amazing emotional, social, familial,

and  medical support.


Thank You