Reply To: Balance Problems with GBS

May 5, 2022 at 4:37 pm

I developed GBS in 2015 and relapsed a few months later. Neurologist told me I now had CIDP. Also have balance issues but am now up to walking with two games (or one sometimes). There is no running in my future. IVIG every six weeks and daily dose of Lyrica to help with lower leg and arm pain.

Have tried all the add-ons to no avail. Neurologist told me to try Yoga or Tai-Chi. Instructors do not want me as I am told I am a liability. Have used some videos but cannot hold standing poses. Also find it very difficult to get off the floor for sitting or lying poses.

I have come to accept that I will never be the same.

I do continue with chair exercises using bands and light dumbbells, walking the hallways in my building and Yoga breathing exercises as I lost 50% – 60% of breathing ability with the first GBS episode (now close to normal with 94% to 98% oxygen readings). My PT revered me to a foot doctor who gave me some of the exercises above. Tried them for a few months but little or nothing positive.

Here’s hoping you have better results.