Reply To: Info re a “post-GBS syndrome” like “post-polio syndrome”

March 30, 2022 at 6:31 pm

Based on many discussions about it in these forums, I believe there certainly is such a thing as post GBS/CIDP. Most of those discussions were in 2006 with a few in 2020 and some of those can be viewed here:

I have personally not experienced any increased symptoms since I contracted GBS/CIDP/MFS in 2008, and I am now a 78 YO. I make sure to take appropriate supplements to help stave off any return of symptoms while lessening the residuals I still have. Some of my muscle weakness is age related, some due to residuals.

The following paragraph is extracted from an article I found on the Internet: ”Many decades after GBS, recovered muscles once weakened by the disease may again grow weak. This is a slow process that occurs over years, and may at first escape the patient’s notice. It is likely that this delayed weakness is the effect of the normal gradual age-related nerve cell loss on muscles that have a reduced reserve nerve supply from earlier GBS.” You can read the full article here:

GBS seems to affect everyone a little differently when it comes to residuals over time. There is no one-stop treatment for this, but we can make sure we eat right, exercise as much as we can, and replenish certain vitamins that help us moderate the long-term effects of GBS.

John, if you contact either author of the article and learn more about post GBS/CIDP please share the info with us in this thread.

I wish you the best,