Reply To: Balance Problems with GBS

March 14, 2022 at 8:49 pm

You are better person than I.  What type of afo do you have ? Do they go in your shoe ?  I don’t have foot drop, horrible sensation in both feet so cant feel floor to get brain feedback for balance. My feet hurt so much, sox hurt, any shoe  excruciating without AFO. I need more balance or I need walker. Im mid fifties. Was healthy, athletic, health professional, 25 yrs.  Broke ankle, had surgery, 3 months later in wheelchair cant feel hands….so Im not grateful, I feel my life was stolen from me.  Pain 24/7, cant drive, work, play sports, have my dogs, cook for myself, vacation, walk on beach, ride a bike.  I was much more functional before I got covid, Major setback. I wrote new post yesterday in general forum on this regression. What treatments do you get ?

Thank You