Reply To: Covid 19 Vaccine

October 8, 2021 at 8:09 am

I had GBS in 1997. I was 33. I recovered fully after about 12 months. I chose to get my first covid vaccination and I chose Moderna. The neurologist here in my area is suggesting either Moderna or Pfizer and not the J & J vaccination for his active GBS patients. I went outside my General Practitioner’s advice of not getting any vaccination He seems to veer on the side of most of his patients not getting the vaccine and I just don’t agree with his reasoning. I may need to find a new General Practioner since we have differing opinions on it.

I had no side effects except a sore arm for 2 days with the first shot. I’m scheduled for the second one on October 26 and I’m a little more nervous about that one.