Reply To: Covid 19 Vaccine

September 21, 2021 at 8:07 am

I don’t know how many other people are in the same boat as I am (diagnosed with GBS in 2019, 95% recovered now), but after receiving the J&J vaccine six months ago, I asked my doctor about switching over to a mRNA vaccine once they introduce boosters because of the acknowledged association of between the J&J and GBS, and he agreed it was a good idea. Now the whole thing with boosters is up in the air –at least for this week. I’m not officially immunocompromised for the “third” mRNA dose that was introduced in August. So my quandary is how long to wait and how hard to push for a first mRNA shot as a “booster”. I’m sure that it’s going to freak out whichever clinic I call because the request doesn’t fall into any of their official categories and no one seems to be discussing this scenario publicly– heck, they almost refused to give me the J&J when I told them I had been diagnosed with GBS after receiving the flu and shingrix vaccines together in 2019.