September 6, 2021 at 5:01 pm

I have some info that might be useful to you.  2004 I came down with GBS and Spinal Meningitis after orthrogantic surgery – where they remove you lower and upper jaw, cut up the lower jaw and fit them both back together.  Shortly after my feet and hands got cold, ass numb, and by day 7 I was in a wheelchair.  I was air-medivac from Alaska to Madigan Army hospital outside of Seattle.  I had terrible leg pain – leaving the hospital I was taking 180+ Percocet’s 5mg a month, then switched to Tramadol after a year….. dialed one down and the other up.  17 years later I can walk and sense of touch is fine, but, still doing 4-6 Ultram/Tramadol a day for leg pain.

First – get the hell off that gabapentin.  Right now!  Docs put me on that to replace the Tramadol and that crap made me into a zombie.  I would fall asleep at the table.  Fall asleep watching tv.  Worse yet, I would ‘go out’ for 3-15 minutes and ‘come back’ not even knowing it happened.  At home, I would leave a trail of destruction behind me… peanut butter jars not closed or put away, knife with peanut butter not put in the dishwasher and bread not put away, LOL.  Wife said it was like living with a 7 year old.

Second.  Have faith, things will get better.  I used to be an Olympic class military shooter – pistol and long distance rifle – I lost that, but, so far it’s the only thing.  I’m still good enough for hunting and fun shooting with friends, but, I wont be showing up at the state championships anymore.   Considering the basket case I was when GBS hit – I think I got off easy.

When I got my Covit shots – I stashed extra cash with the family and paid all the family bills forward thinking I would have a reaction like yours and end up back at Madigan….. especially since having GBS prior.   Nope, no problem.  I didn’t even get boo boo arm.

Last.  Don’t panic.  It will get better.  My wife put me on allot of homeopathic ‘nuts and twigs’ stuff that I know helped me allot.  If you are interested, reply, and I will have her tell me all the weird nerve helping over-the-counter stuff was.

On a funny note.  I am a retired chief, E-7.  When they flew me into Madigan I was sick as a dog and they entered me as O-7, Admiral.  At first I thought it was just the Army giving me a hard time calling me “Admiral” all the time.  Come day 4 when I was feeling better I collared someone on it.  No matter what the docs and nurses did, they could not make ‘Admiral’ go away!  I actually had the General show up and ask if he was speaking to an Admiral of a chief, LOL.  4 weeks I stayed as ‘Admiral’ in the system.  I am very, very happy I went to Madigan…they had 7 neurologists on staff and the town I live in, although the 3rd largest in Alaska, only had one.

Good luck!