Reply To: “Hizentra Belly”

August 15, 2021 at 11:15 am

I am on Hizentra.  To allow a better comparison, I would share that I am 180 lbs and 6 ft 1 inch, so within a good BMI range and not overweight.  Fighting CIDP and trying to maintain some level of fitness has me pretty lean, and I do not have any SubQ suitable areas on  my thighs, arms, shoulders, chest etc.  I do however have enough belly fat that I infuse there.  I started with 4 needles, but moved to 6 needles, so spread out the infusion better, so that when I infuse my 30 grams/150 ml, I am only putting 25ml/site.  I infuse Sunday, and then my belly grows on Mon and Tue as more fluid is drawn into the area (osmotic pressure for diluting the IG), my belly gets smaller Wed through Sun. Skin is moderately loose during the latter part of the week.  I think if I went 2 weeks or more, it would be “normal”  I actually enjoy being a little loose in the belly, since it helps the infusion.  No bruising, and no leakage.