Reply To: Covid 19 Vaccine

June 19, 2021 at 3:01 pm

Still on fence about vaccine.  Read that covid vaccine stimulates immune response which in turn creates inflammation which can reactivate autoimmune problems.  Yet when I looked on this site, it seems like around 15 people or more had covid injection without side effects which is a positive thing.    Of course, there were new two people who  developed GBS or CIDP and another who had reactivation of their disease as a result of that call.    So that is 3 out of 18 who had adverse reactions.  So guess I am still nervous about taking that risk but trying to lean towards it as I know I won’t have any kind of life in future if I don’t try.  I read MRNA vaccines are different from other vaccines but they still stimulate an immune response.  So that is why I am having trouble making decision. I hope more people who have had vaccine successfully come forward soon.  I did rule out J& J as that I think is more similar to the non-covid vaccines although I think that one would be less stressful.